Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I was wondering

So back to blogosphere. I did not come because I was stoned. Right now my mind has only one thing.. will I get shortlisted for Symbiosis. Damn. I am screwed. Damn


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ekta Lazy Bikele-r Melancholy-r Khosra

Sunday Bikel
Godot sits alone in his room
Chul pore jacche chul
Godot thinks of vladimir and estragon
Lal panio kheye aaj ami pagol
were they really waiting for him
Ami ekhon dekhbo bunu-dar un chien andalou
Maybe they were really waiting for him
Ami aaj janlam ami anal retentive
Freud-er sathe jung-er bapok marpit
Godot is lost in a whirlpool
Ei kom kore mar gul
were they playing mindgames
Sworgo theke eseche dui bahadur
Mukhe kali
Bole naki tara jomdut
Kamasutra-r sutra bhul
Aaj amader bharat mahaan
I have some new plan, janemaan
Saadat hasan manto-keh abar anbo phiriye
Sir ekbar dekhun, bhalo kore dekhun
thanda gosht hoye geche amader moto manush
Swine flu is finally declared epidemic
Mukhe sobai poreche mask
From morning till dusk
In such a pitying glory I bask
A glory which is not mine
Ei chele, kandchis ken
Kiser dukko tor
Eka toh achis bhalo
Ei sala banchod songsar
Nongrami-r akhra
Tujko banayega sirf bakra
Lutega tera sharam
If you don't do drugs, if you don't smoke cannabis and weed
Tui bhai bhodro choda beduin
Ghure berabi
Drinking camel milk
Kothai gelo lucky nam-er bandor
Today I have realized what is love
Keno bhai prem abar ki
Cinema hall-e ondhokar-er
Buk-er size mepe tepa
Prem korechilo kichu sarat-er devdas khepa
But what's wrong in love
We all do it
Read dostoevsky's white nights
Ek pint mere chup chap thak sala
Gyan dish nah

Bhalo lagenah
Ah, the rainbow
The wonderful rainbow up in the sky
Its a irrelevant thing
Loneliness, sadness, crying and smiling
Sob somoi moja
12tah rat
Tao jutlona bhat
Ah, let me end it all here,
Take a bow
Its love death and a bit of eccentric
Offbeat systematic melancholy
Bujhli pagla
Sob somoi
Bal chiri ami ei mall culture-er
Its better to scavenge the meat of the vulture
Omnivorous, yes I am omnivorous
Obinossor 5th dimension theke asa
Glare pora tutankhame-ner bhoot sala

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ekla Kacha or The Loneliness in the CagE

This song Ekla Ghar by Fossils had numbed me a long time back and then due to certain supersonic hyperdrive it dumbed me. So my first Parody for the month. I present Ekla Kacha- Ekta Bagher Frastu-r Testu.. err Testi

ps: This is going to be a Fossils Circus.. Fossils fans I am sorry.. though I don't mean it...Also this song is included in thealbum by the Phamous band Pompom's Jubilee Circus Band

ei ekla khacha amar desh
amar thakteh bhalo lage besh
bhabhi kichutei jabona tomar khachar kahce
tobe amar ekdum baje obbhesh
seyi jai chole
hete hete matha dolate dolate

tobu gobhir rate
ei ekla khacha theke ami chai berote
parinah parinah
kichuteh parina
karon banowarilal thake-e gate-e dariye
hathe yeah boro bonduk
besi tafo korlei
kore debe shoot

tomar khachar telephone tumi aaj tolona
bhalo lagena sotti bolchi
tomake last kobe dekechi
ki jani
amar mobile-e aaj balance-o sesh
ei biddesh, ki nistur manush gulo
amader prem tah keh koro dilo sesh

baki bagh gulo-r sathe jokhon chore beratam ami bone badare
amazon jongole-er amazon nodite
tomai dekhi chollang lagate
prothom nojorer prothom prem
tarpor oi hotochara shikari gulo tule niye gelo amader dujonkei
ekhon pompom-er circus-er special star ami
gan gai dance kori
tobu tumi.. tumi kemon jeno odhora aaj

mone ki pore tomar tomake jokhon black-e ticket kete
baki bagh gulor choke dhulo diye niye gechillam
black dekhateh
mone ki pore tomar
tomake kotobar chumbon korechillam
amazon-er tara khochito rate

bristi porche tapur tupur
bose achi khachar bhetore ekhon
bhabchi bhabbona tomar kotha
jean paul satre's epistemic loneliness theory barbar mone asuk
banowari lal ache baire-i dariye
jeteo parchina tomar khachar kache
aaj abar sunday ache 6tah show

ei ekla kahcha amar desh
amar ekla thakteh lage besh
karon tumi toh amar khachar pasei
dekhteh pai.. abar konodino dekhteo paina
sona, please phone tah tulo
r rag noi.. okay...
iti tomar adorer bhulo..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Month I Shall Rock and Roll

Enough of philosophical shits. This month is going to be the month of Parody. Now take that sucker. Take it hard and good. Hell YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Monday, July 20, 2009


Ah let me contemplate, what have we found

But did we ever search

We sat by the birch

As the snow fell

And we knocked on the glass wall

So that it would fall

But it never did

Ah, I don't remember if we ever searched

If we ever looked for what we were looking for

Only we looked for drastic pleasures

Coiled with the treasures of our childhood

And we shall always swim in this fish bowl

Trapped in sanguine murmur of our desire

It was travelling to the wonderland

A place we always dreamed of

It was like dancing to the tune of the pied piper of hamlin
Its such a soliloquy

Such a trollop day as the night whispers in my ear

Don’t you want to return

I sleep with the head full of eccentricities

The dancing dreams waltz with me in the dreary channel

As the river flows by

By the whistling weeds

The salutory air, the clinging pleasures

Hanging low and brooding

And then I realize

I always wanted to be here

Among such purple hemisphere

This where I always was

This is where I always will be

So that I can see you and you can see me

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Phony City Life-2

So this would be another post on the phony city life. Yeah, phony love. That's it slimeball. Another phony-ical blasting scourge whipping on thy bareback, the lamedick branded phony love life, the sissipated romeo and the pussy peddling juliet, yes that's all you could get in the phony city. Nothing else, nothing you could ever see in phony city.
Go out in phony city, go to any hi-fi sophisticated[my intellectual ass] place like ccd, barista or any other phony place you could see lovebirds, dropping their love shits and coodling and cuddling in a corner, such a phony sight.
Such stupid lifestyle. I FUCKING DESPISE THIS ALL. MY FUCKING HORMONES GO FOR A TOSS. HELL YEAH. This is strangely the condition of the Indian Population, the Indian diaspora. All love, all heartbreak, then you hit the bottle, take drugs and well, the journey just begins.
Yes, I have failed in love. I have failed in love countless times, I have screwed it up. I AM FUCKING PROUD OF IT. YES I AM. But I am raving and ranting over the thing, you might thing, grapes are sour for me. Fuck the grapes. I can get any stupid grapes in the market.
Wherever I go, whereever I sit, I can only see phony love and nothing else. Its all coated with sex. Nothing but sex, get the lauda lasooned and the chut polished. Heck, this is bliddy love and this is love all about. This is love all around me. FUCK TRUE LOVE. FUCK UNREQUITED LOVE. Urgh, I hate it so much. Why god? What's the whole melodrama all about. So much brouhaha for love when most of the shmucks don't even know.
This is love. This is fucking love. This is crap love. This is suck my balls love.
And I am a lonely asshole waiting for a girl to love me, hoping that it won't be a phony love. But I know I will never get it. Its all but a stupid sick joke, a non-salabrious piece of pathertic satire.

So love, yes love, off course love. I wonder why I have failed in love. What criterias remain unfulfilled in love by me. There must be something and why do girls can't stop being phony. Some answers are "I am not the right one for me" which can be deciphered as "You are not the right one for me you jerk". "You have to wait and concentrate on your career" which can be deciphered as "You are not the one for me, you are worthless, your a shit, you are a gobshite. Even if you will wait for me, you will never get me." Phony answers, phony stupid answers.

My blood boils, but whats the use. No use at all. This is phony city love. This is the so called phony city love. I got tangled up in blue, I got tangled up bad, no need to be sad, its all a fad, stupid phony city fad.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Phony City Life-1

Wherever I go I am bugged by bunch of phonies,pseudos, bastards, illiterate slimeballs. I hate it. But the fact is apparent that I cannot ignore them since they form a large chunk of this screwed up existence of mine. Its totally pathetic when you see people around you just pretending, just acting so gloriously stupid. Yeah, stupid. Big bad wannabe stupids. And you have to be quiet and see their crazy antiques. I just hate this thing. I just hate people who think its cool. Fuck you pseudo cools. Just fuck you.

This city has been a revelation for me. I am from a small town. Now small means small. And whoever said that you shouldn't be distinguishing between the place where you come from to a big city can well suck his own balls dry. There will always be a prejudice. When they come to know you are from some small city, the discrimination begins. And this is India. It happens here by the lot, by the dimes, by the cents and by the people.

I am kinda tired by this persecution. Yes, it is. You should look the phony girls wearing some high-funda dress asking you that same stupid question. and they act as it they are formed from nietzsche's sperm. The boys are just the same. Satre's offspring. Damn stupid. Yes, people around me are stupid. And I am biggest of them all because I stay with them looking at their monkey dance without protesting, looking at them wasting their life, wasting my life with them, cause am a damn coward to fight back because they would overwhelm me. I have already lost even before I started out.

Welcome to Phony City.